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Henley Festival
5-9thJuly 2017

Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes

Richard Jackson:

Confident and challenging best describes the work of Richard Jackson. It is the result of thoughtful development through more than 20 years of making objects in glass, that integrate concept with technical skill in their realisation. His resulting works in glass express his findings, and questions raised, through forms that are provocative yet harmonious, animated with markmaking and carving that challenge the boundaries between surface and internal language. His work is represented in public collections including Victoria and Albert Museum, National Museums of Scotland and M.A.V.A. Museo de Arte en Vidrio de Alcorcon, Madrid, Spain.

Sally Fawkes:

The nature of visual perception is rich and ambiguous and can stimulate extraordinary sensory experiences. Fawkes’s glass sculptures express the sensations created by the interactions of the visible and invisible possibilities of place. The late Dan Klein described Fawkes work as self-explanatory narratives full of feeling and content, communicating without any need for words, delighting the eye and setting thought processes in motion. Her work is represented in private, corporate and public collections worldwide, including Mastercard USA and London, MUDAC, Lausanne, Switzerland, M.A.V.A., Madrid, Spain, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK and Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK.

In 2000 Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes established a studio in Gloucestershire, UK with a large, well equipped glass studio that enables them to undertake challenging projects of notable scale.