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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020

Blue Neurone

Zac’s inspiration comes principally from nature – ‘the ultimate sculptress’. He finds the sculptural forms created by the sun, moon, waves and trees particularly inspiring as symbols of sustainability.

He works in a wide range of media from discarded plastic bottles to organic matter. Often these materials are fused together to reinforce the aesthetic or narrative that he’s looking to express.

A narrative is created that highlights the relationship between man and the natural environment. Common themes found in his work often abstractly express or make a comment on issues such as sustainability, environmental degradation, or consumption; alternatively, they may simply be an expression of the marvel and awe he sees in a sunset or the kinetic and meditative experience found in the rolling of sea waves. He communicates and reminds the viewer of mankind’s inextricable socio-economic and spiritual link with the natural world.