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Henley Festival
10-14thJuly 2019

Massive music, massive fun and great live .. Comprising three fabulous young Breton musicians this is wicked music, full of energy, Breton roots and new technology used in a really sympathetic way. You have acoustic guitar (though you might be surprised by the sound), fantastic Bombarde and great loops samples and all played live!

"En homage to their rich Breton heritage - and with a gentle nod towards things to come - longtime musical innovators Plantec find the right mix of past, present and future with their 7th studio recording Awen. A mélange of traditional instruments (bombarde, acoustic guitars) and modern technologies (synths, rhythms) conspire to create a colourful cornucopia of finely-crafted and contemporary Celtic compositions that weave like threads of musical tapestry into a greater quilted whole. By turns haunting, moving and melodic, the ten tracks linger long after the last notes have faded away, leaving listeners with a sense of both the familiar and the foreign. Standout songs include Orin Andro, Dans Ar Seieein Valse, and No Christou Loudeac." - Celtic Life International 2013