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Henley Festival
10-14thJuly 2019

From a legendary traditional music family from Louisiana we bring you Sarah Savoy with band - guaranteed to conjure up images of smoky bars, dangerous men and women, beer and cigarettes, dance and the heady inspirational eras of Louisiana music.

Born and raised in Savoy, Louisiana, in a family considered "Cajun royalty", playing music from the heart of Cajun country and damn fine too. Sarah has been referred to as a "Louisiana singer with hell-raising credentials", singing and playing as multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, doing mostly traditional Cajun music, spiced with a fairly rough rock-n-roll attitude then toned back a bit by country ballads and blues, covers by Johnny Paycheck and George Jones, and then simmering all that down with some sexy Zydeco numbers.

From accordion to guitar to washboard or triangle, Sarah's vocal style has been compared to that of Patsy Cline, Patti Smith and Wanda Jackson, her musicians are all multi-instrumentalists as well and thoroughly enjoy switching around on stage.