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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020

Stefan Gates is a hugely popular writer and TV presenter with a vast breadth of knowledge and a confident, sparky presenting style. He’s renowned for his love of quirky culinary quests and extraordinary food adventures.

Stefan Gates has written and presented a number of TV series including food science series Harvest (BBC2), Food Factory (BBC1) and E Numbers: An Edible Adventure (BBC2), and three series of Cooking in the Danger Zone (BBC2) about global hunger and the politics of food. His programmes are shown in over 50 countries around the world. He also made the acclaimed kids’ series Incredible Edibles and Gastronuts (CBBC). He makes guest appearances on dozens of other shows from Newsnight to Blue Peter and is a regular panelist on Radio 4’s Kitchen Cabinet. He has completed the BBC4 documentaries: Can Eating Insects Save the World? and Calves Heads and Coffee: The Golden Age of English Food. Stefan has won several awards for his TV series and books.

Stefan gives numerous talks at Science Festivals and has been guest director of Cheltenham Science Festival. He has written six books, performed 300+ live shows and is in production on a new series of BBC2’s Food and Drink. His 2017 book, Insects: An Edible Field Guide, explores the origins of insect eating, tips on finding edible bugs as well as providing some ideas for how to eat them once tracked down, whilst his latest book, Fartology: The Extraordinary Science behind the Humble Fart, is self-explanatory!