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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020

The Teenage Wilderness Trust

The Teenage Wilderness Trust was set up by Matt Bailey in 2011 to support students who find it difficult to engage with mainstream education.

Often these students are unable to cope emotionally and physically with conventional education or authority due to their personal lives and social development. Many have experienced verbal and physical abuse, or neglect. Having never received care and attention that children are entitled to, many of the students feel let down, angry and confused. The Trust's aim is to calm students, allow them to regain their self-esteem and then reignite the desire to learn.

The Teenage Wilderness Trust works alongside Path Hill Outdoors, a 'not for profit' company offering innovative educational and theraputic programmes. Together they aim to step in before alcohol, drugs and crime become an acceptable part of these students lives. The Teenage Wilderness Trust offers re-engagement courses using bush craft and wilderness leaning techniques, along with practical life skills to encourage students to get back to their learning. Their goal is for students to develop self-respect, respect for others and a desire to learn new and exciting skills designed to give them a better chance at a positive future.