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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020
#DaytoNight in association with Volvo

#DaytoNight in association with Volvo

Posted on Mar 8, 2017

#DaytoNight in association with Volvo, is the Festival’s 2017 art programme which culminates each evening with a ‘moment’ where art in the day transitions to art at night and the whole Festival site becomes part of the installation using pyrotechnics and light. The whole festival site becomes a gallery to display art and sculpture from a variety of talented artists enabling our #daytonight programme to truly come to life.

Steven Newby brings his Beating Heart to the site, a giant heart, covered in mirrored mosaics, reflecting the beam of spotlights into an array of directions.

You will be able to be at one with nature, as Ithaca presents the Whispering Trees. Chris, Andrew Rae and Selina, who make up Ithaca, focus on site specific work and have created an interactive installation which allows all festival goers to create their own light show simply by talking to the trees.

Prefer flowers to trees? Jigantic will erect their gigantic, tall rouged tulips to contribute to the Festival's evening glow.

Paul Day is incredibly well known for his bespoke public sculptures, and often seen as the leading exponent of this art form and will proudly be a part of a programme this year. His latest London monument - The Iraq Aafghanistan Memorial, created in honour of the duty and service of both British Military and Civillian Personnel - is due to be unveiled this Thursday, the 9th March 2017 (tomorrow, don't miss it!). If you are interested, the event will be covered by both BBC and ITV news, and will be live streamed on the Ministry of Defence Facebook Page.

David Ogle sought to create a 'small oasis' of light, igniting the site with a palette of colours which illuminate skeletal branches throughout the evening.

Eddie Lock returns to Henley with the eclectic, stunning and vibrant collection of contemporary and urban artworks to compliment the occasion.

A trio of unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures connote a fun, playful and pleasurable story. The sculptures of three women, each fitted with goggles, are looking at life through a child's eyes, which in essence shows the sheer joy of existence. The lady behind such sculptures, is Dawn Conn.

Richard Jackson's work has been best described as 'confident and challenging'. Jackson has worked for over twenty years in making glass objects and His work is represented in public collections including Victoria and Albert Museum and National Museums of Scotland. Sally Fawkes glass sculptures express the sensations created by the interactions of the visible and invisible possibilities of place. In 2000 Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes established a studio in Gloucestershire, UK with a large, well equipped glass studio that enables them to undertake challenging projects of notable scale.

Last but certainly not least, Simon Gudgeon is a leading British contemporary sculptor. His signature smooth style collaborates with his concentration on spirits and nature. He cleverly depicts emotion and movement of a moment, and is certainly not to be missed at the Festival!

For more information on our #daytonight programme check out our art page on our website.

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