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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020
An Enchanting Evening at Henley Festival

An Enchanting Evening at Henley Festival

Posted on Jul 9, 2016

With another evening of a magnificent skies and a setting sun providing the back-drop to the Floating Stage, the tremendous voice of Bryn Terfel matched with the incredible power of the Welsh National Opera Orchestra made for a truly magical night. He was accompanied by superb soprano Corinne Winters who blew the crowd away with her hauntingly beautiful renditions; whilst 11-year old Alma Deutscher could have been performing for decades with the wealth of talent she brought with her as the orchestra joined her for a movement from her own violin concerto.

Whilst the gentle sounds from the Floating Stage travelled across the site, others were drawn towards the shrieks of laughter coming from the Salon Comedy Club where both Nina Conti and Al Murray reiterated the age-old lesson to remember when watching comedy shows – be wary of sitting in the front row!

As we moved into the small hours, Ronnie Scotts was packed to the rafters yet again whilst the first night of the Silent Disco proved equally as entertaining for those with headphones as those listening outside. Don’t miss it in The Top tonight!

As we head towards the penultimate evening, we can’t wait for a spangled-Dame Shirley-style night!