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Henley Festival
10-14thJuly 2019
A Guide To The Henley Festival Dress Code

A Guide To The Henley Festival Dress Code

Posted on Jul 4, 2018

Since the start of Henley Festival back in 1983, the interpretation of ‘Black Tie’ has become rather varied. With the countless dress styles and numerous suit designs that exist in today’s fashion world, it’s no wonder people are getting confused. So, to make it that little bit easier when picking your festival outfit, we have created a simple guide to the Henley Festival Black Tie dress code.


Don't: Wear Flip-Flops
Do: Wear Heels

Whether it be stilettos, kittens or block heels, a little extra lift makes all the difference when it comes to a Black Tie event. The block heel is a strong favourite in the Henley Festival office, with its ability to stay above ground on the Festival lawn terrain. If heels are not an option, then a pair of dainty flats will do just fine, but flip-flops are a no-go.

Don't: Blush
Do: Avoid the Classic Wardrobe Malfunction
We’ve all witnessed the classic wardrobe malfunction of a rather translucent dress. Matching your underwear to your outfit is paramount and going that extra mile by making sure bra straps and shapewear are hidden will avoid any unwanted reveals.

Don't: Wear Anything Too Revealing
Do: Remember Less Is More!

Black Tie is all about class and elegance, and when it comes to exposure, the age-old saying ‘less is more’ is one to go by. Playsuits and mini dresses are an absolute no-go for 2018. Think evening gowns and cocktail dresses, the more glamourous the better!



Don’t: Wear a Bright or Light-Coloured Lounge Suit
Do: Wear a DJ or Dark Coloured Lounge Suit
In regard to colour for Black Tie dress code, the clue is in the name. The classic black DJ is preferred, however dark coloured lounge suits such as black, charcoal and navy are acceptable with a crisp white shirt and a smart tie.

Don’t: Wear Loafers
Do: Wear Polished Oxfords
Black Tie footwear should be elegant, so the classic Oxford Shoe is a perfect fit for a DJ or dark Lounge Suit. One thing you must remember with footwear gentlemen is that the chic is in the shine, so make sure they’re polished to perfection.


So, there you have it, a c guide to the Henley Festival Black Tie dress code. Stick to this and you can’t go wrong. Ladies remember it’s a night for you to look your most fabulous, so embrace it and have fun. Gentlemen, well there's really nothing more sophisticated than a man in classic Black Tie.