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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020
Invesco Perpetual's Luminescent Lounge - The Story

Invesco Perpetual's Luminescent Lounge - The Story

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

2017 sees Invesco Perpetual celebrate 25 years of partnership with the Henley Festival. To mark this long-standing relationship, the festival kindly invited us to have the opportunity of creating something new for festival goers and this led to the Luminescent Lounge being formed to create a relaxing outdoor environment in the heart of the event. Attendees will be able to take the weight off their feet and relax in this tranquil riverside setting positioned to the right of the festival floating stage.

As day turns to night the lounge will take on a new appearance with a colourful luminescent display magically transforming the environment. London designers, Kiwi and Pom have been specially commissioned by Invesco Perpetual to create the Luminescent Lounge providing a new area for Festival goers to enjoy. The lounge incorporates a range of bespoke seats born from the concept of the traditional deck chair but repurposed in a contemporary way.

The Luminescent Lounge will complement the Festival’s Art theme of Day to Night and we are delighted to be able contribute this new feature as a mark of our long association and support for the Festival. We look forward to seeing you at the Festival this year and hope that you will be able to visit and make use of the Luminescent Lounge and don’t forget to come back and take a look as day turns to night!

In the design studio: The Luminescent Lounge

To celebrate and recognise our long-standing relationship with Henley Festival, now in its 25th year, we are delighted to be able to have the opportunity of creating a new installation for the Festival. The concept of the Luminescent Lounge has been born from the idea that festival goers will welcome an area where they can simply relax, chill and chat and at the same time be in the heart of the event.

Invesco Perpetual commissioned London design agency Kiwi and Pom to provide the solution which also needed to incorporate the festivals art theme of day to night. A range of concepts were deliberated over but it was the Luminescent Lounge which won through as it delivered exactly on the brief. The conceptual drawings below show an impression of what the lounge will look like when finally built and in place.

The bespoke seats have been based on the traditional deck chair using a soft fabric between, in this case, a metal rather than a wooden framework. Luminescent wire is to be cleverly attached to the seats and this allows for the colourful transformation to take place as day turns to night.

We will soon be revealing the first prototype to come out of the production studio and we will show the different stages of production from taking the initial concepts through to creating the tangible products.

First prototype revealed: The Luminescent Lounge

We are very excited to be able to take a first look at our first prototype seat being created for the Luminescent Lounge by Invesco Perpetual at Henley Festival. Our long-term partnership with the Festival reaches a landmark 25 years this year and the idea of creating a new area for Festival goers was an opportunity not to be missed.

The outdoor lounge area has been designed by Kiwi and Pom and incorporates bespoke seating that has been in production for the last few weeks. Today we can reveal for the first time a prototype which has just come from the production studio.

Using a metal framework the seats are inspired by the traditional summer deckchair but using a metal frame with powder coated paint.

Incorporating the festivals art theme of Day to Night was also a challenge for the designers and this can also be revealed. Luminescent wire powered by a concealed battery pack will bring the seats to life in a magical way at the festival moves from day, into dusk and eventually night. The wire is attached to the frames of the seats so that when illuminated the seat outline will be accentuated in the night light of the festival.

Event attendees will be able to relax and take the weight of their feet whilst still be in the heart of the event. The Lounge will be positioned to the right of the floating stage on the riverfront providing an excellent environment to reflect on all that is on offer at this year’s festival.