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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020

Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin is a family owned Scottish, handcrafted gin that is zesty and flavourful but surprisingly smooth. It is made with an infusion of traditional and local botanicals, 5 of which are hand foraged from local cliffs and forests. The precious botanicals are blessed with the freshest air and purest water from the Scottish Highlands.

The name Rock Rose Gin comes from one of the local botanicals, Rhodiola rosea, a rose, found off Caithness’s wild coastline where it was once harvested by Vikings over 1000 years ago for its strength and vitality. We select our juniper from two different countries, Bulgarian juniper to create a real depth of flavour alongside Italian juniper to give slightly more delicate lemon sherbet notes. Our locally foraged botanicals include rowan and hawthorn berries and sea buckthorn. Each bottle is hand waxed, numbered and signed before it leaves the distillery.

Rock Rose Gin is made using a slower vapour infused process to extract the botanical flavours and it is made in some of the most rugged but beautiful scenery in Scotland making it a true ‘Wonder of the Wilderness!’

Tasting Notes:

Initially the earthy warm Italian juniper will give way to the lemon sherbert of the Bulgarian juniper, before a nice jammy flavour develops thanks to the blaeberries, hawthorne and rowan berries. Finishing off with liquorice, cinnamon and our lovely Rhodiola rosea!

Signature Serve:

25 ml of Rock Rose Gin, 50 ml of a premium tonic. Garnish with a curl of orange or a wee sprig of rosemary, toasted for full effect!

Common Questions:

Why Fever Tree?

It’s a slightly sweeter, lighter tonic that is less bubbly. It works better with light gins like Rock Rose.

The stone bottle must be expensive?

Not really. It is slightly more expensive than glass, but it looks fantastic. We worked hard with the supplier to make sure a long term relationship was formed.

What makes it different?

The combination of local botanicals and the vapour infusion process gives it a clean, smooth and unique taste.

What base spirit do you use?

We use wheat spirit from Langley distillery.