Free Personal Assistant Tickets:

If you require full time assistance, your Family Member/Friend/Personal Assistant is entitled to a FREE ticket for Henley Festival and you may both use the Accessible Facilities.

You will need to provide a copy of a recent letter (2019/2020) from the DWP stating that you are entitled to DLA/PIP, or a statement / *alternative evidence that will support your claim for a free ticket.

*Henley Festival will review an application for a Personal Assistant ticket, without the recommended evidence, on a case by case basis.

These tickets are offered on the understanding that you would be unable to attend Henley Festival without the active support of another person, ensuring that you do not have to face additional costs in meeting your access needs.

If you are unable to provide a letter from the DWP or a statement / *alternative evidence to support your claim as requested above, you will not be entitled to a free ticket.

How to apply for your Personal Assistant's free ticket:

You will need to purchase your ticket by calling the Box Office on 01491 843 404. For Hard of Hearing festival goers only please contact Lucy, our Access Coordinator, directly at . Once you have secured your festival ticket, you will then be able to apply for your Personal Assistant’s free ticket.

  • Download and fill in the Access Requirement Application Form ensuring you enter your ticket booking confirmation number
  • Email the completed form, along with a scan or photo of your letter from the DWP / alternative evidence to:
  • Or post it to: Lucy Taylor, Access Coordinator, River and Rowing Museum, Mill Meadows, Henley on Thames, Oxon RG9 1BF– along with a copy of your letter from the DWP / *alternative evidence. Please clip evidence to a printed form if posting. This helps to speed up the process considerably.

Please feel free to black-out any information that relates to amount of benefit paid or health conditions etc. that may be on documents submitted.

Send us the completed form and DWP letter 

We will endeavour to respond within 14 days of your request. Upon a successful application, you will then be sent a free ticket for your Personal Assistant, this will be the same ticket type as the one you have purchased.

Henley Festival Map


Accessibility FAQ's

We are continually striving to improve the accessibility of our venue. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our unique site, we cannot always be as comprehensive as we would like.

If you have any questions that have not been covered in our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to contact us for further help. Feedback on access issues is welcomed.

Henley Festival Box Office 01491 843 404 or

Accessible Parking?


The Blue Badge Holder Car Park will be positioned close to the festival entrance gates – please be aware that the route to the enclosure from the car park will be across grass.

If you require assistance getting from the car park to the entrance gates, please ask one of our stewards and they will be happy to help you.

If you require access to the Blue Badge Holder Car Park, please email or contact the Box Office on 01491 843 404.

We will require your car registration number and Blue Badge number at the time of booking. Thank you in advance.

Taxi/Driver Drop Off?

Please refer to Henley Festival Site Map (AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 2021 ONWARDS) for Accessibility Drop Off and Collection Points.

Public Transport for Henley on Thames?

Henley on Thames Train Station. 15-minute flat walk to festival site, involving crossing over Henley Bridge (narrow footpath on both sides).

Henley on Thames Buses. 15-minute flat walk to festival site, involving crossing over Henley Bridge (narrow footpath on both sides).…

Accommodation and Local Transport?

Please contact the Official Tourist Guide to Henley on Thames.

Accessible Toilets?

There will be accessible toilets available within the festival enclosure. These unisex toilets are positioned behind the ‘Grandstand’ and behind ‘The Jazz Club'. Please refer to the Henley Festival Site Map (AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 2021 ONWARDS) for directions.

Assistance Dogs?

A ‘recognised Assistance Dog’ is one which has been specifically trained to assist a disabled person and which has been qualified by one of the charitable organisation as members of Assistance Dogs UK.

Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing your Guide Dog or Assistance Dog to the festival, by emailing or by calling 01491 843 404.

We welcome Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs to Henley Festival. However, please be aware that during each night of the festival, we hold a firework display after the concert on the Floating Stage.

Strobe Lighting?

Strobe Lighting may be used during some performances as a visual effect.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures?

To comply with Emergency Evacuation Procedures, please be aware that Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter users who go ahead and book a non-dedicated space for the Floating Stage concert, will be asked to leave their Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter outside of the Floating Stage Enclosure (at a designated area). Henley Festival Ltd cannot take any responsibility for unattended Wheelchairs/Mobility Scooters and owners leave them entirely at their own risk.

The Grandstand Lift?

The Lift is only available to Wheelchair Users and Non-Disabled Users needing access to their seating area within ‘The Grandstand’.

Describe the nature of the festival site?

Flat lawns, with a solid towpath running the length of the site. Step free access to most the festival site. Ramps are placed where necessary.

The Blue Badge Holder Car Park and Main Car parks are flat lawns

Distance from Disabled Access Car Park to Festival Entrance?

Approximately 20 metres.

Taxi/Driver Drop Off/Pick up locations?

Please refer to the ‘Henley Festival Site Map’ (AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 2021 ONWARDS) for Drop Off/Pick Up locations

Which type of ticket is suitable for me?

If you want to enjoy the festival enclosure AND want access to the headline artist performance on the ‘Floating Stage’ please chose from the options below:-


Grandstand (undercover)

Lawn (open air)


Grandstand (undercover)

*Wheelchair platform (open air)

Lawn (open air)



*Due to platform layout and ramp, the Wheelchair Platform is only suitable for Wheelchair Users.

GRANDSTAND (undercover): Wheelchair access via a Wheelchair Lift.

Non-Disabled person access via steps or Wheelchair Lift (where necessary) NOT suitable for Mobility Scooters

LAWN (open air): Wheelchair/Non-Disabled person access area at the front of Block B and Block E. This is a flat grass area suitable for all. NOT suitable for Mobility Scooters

WHEELCHAIR PLATFORM (open air): Access for Wheelchair Users only NOT suitable for Mobility Scooters


If you want to enjoy the festival enclosure WITHOUT access to the ‘Headline Performance on the Floating Stage’, you can purchase a ‘General Admission’ Ticket.

GENERAL ADMISSION – a perfect way to enjoy the events, performances, restaurants and bars around the site – a great ticket if you want to wander around and soak up the general festival atmosphere.

Please be aware that General Admission tickets do not grant access to the ‘Headline Artist' Performance on the ‘Floating Stage’. General Admission ticket holders will be able to hear the concert and may be able to see the stage from a distance, but this is not guaranteed. Remember that we are an intimate event and not an arena! Please note there is no access to seats within the Grandstand and Lawn areas with this ticket during the Headline Artist Performance on the ‘Floating Stage’.

Is there Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter access to other venues around the festival enclosure?

All festival venues, apart from the ‘Terrace Restaurant’ and ‘Pontoon Upper Deck’, are accessible to Wheelchair users.

Mobility Scooters are welcome at Henley Festival as a mode of transport. They are not suitable for venue entrance ramps around the enclosure or for use as seating within a venue.

If you have any questions that have not been covered in our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to contact us for further help. Feedback on access issues is welcomed by email.

Henley Festival Box Office 01491 843 404 or