Ticket Information FAQ's

What is the difference between a Grandstand, Lawn or General Admission ticket?

Good question! We offer various ticket options for you to experience Henley Festival:

Grandstand – (A,B and C) see everything at the festival and enjoy the Floating Stage concert from an allocated, undercover seat in the Grandstand. These tickets are priced according to the view (in varying degrees) of the Floating Stage.

Lawn – (Premier, A, B, C and Restricted View) see everything at the festival and view the Floating Stage concert, under the stars in an allocated seat on the grassed Lawn area. These tickets are priced according to the view (in varying degrees) of the Floating Stage.

General Admission – a perfect way to enjoy the events, performances, restaurants and bars around the site – a great ticket if you want to wander around. Please be aware that this is not a ticket suitable for viewing the Headline Floating Stage concert and will not give access to the Lawn and Grandstand seats. General Admission ticket holders will be able to hear the concert and may be able to see the stage from a distance, but this is not guaranteed. Wednesday to Saturday.

What is an Under 18's ticket?

We offer an evening ticket for our Under 18 Henley Festival visitors. Age limits for this ticket type are 14 – 17 yrs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 12 – 17 yrs on Saturday and Sunday. An Under 18's wristband will be allocated at the festival entrance upon arrival. Please see Challenge 25 for further information.

What are the ticket prices?

Please see Tickets page for individual evening ticket prices

Can I get a replacement ticket if I've lost it or forgotten to bring it to the event?

It is important that you keep your ticket safe and remember to bring it to the event with you. Tickets will not be replaced under any circumstances.

What can I do with a spare ticket on the night?

The Box Office is unable to help customers with the re-sale of any spare tickets, please make sure you buy only the tickets you need. You are welcome to pass them on to Friends or Family.

Where is the Henley Festival Site Box Office?

This is located on the left hand side towards the festival entrance.

What time does the on site box office open / close?

The site Box Office is open from 2pm to 9pm, Wednesday to Sunday during Festival week.

I want to book a ticket next to friends for the concert but don't know where they're sitting, can the Box Office tell me?

Due to data protection laws we will not be able to give out any information relating to a customer and/or their order.

Can I buy tickets on the night?

Yes you can buy tickets through out the festival week, either on line or at the box office during opening times.

Which payment cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Visa Debit cards. Please note that we do not accept American Express.

How much is the booking fee?

Booking fee is 6% of the value of each festival ticket.

Do I have to pay for postage or can I collect in person?

No, this year we are moving to E-Tickets and these will be emailed out in June onwards 2022.

Can I swap/upgrade/sell back/sell on my tickets?

As per our Terms and Conditions, tickets are non-returnable, transferable or refundable.

Can I go on a waiting list for tickets?

To be fair to everybody, we do not hold a waiting list. Occasionally, when an evening is sold out a few tickets become available closer to  festival dates. Please keep an eye on the Henley Festival website for any late availability.

Can I get a discount for group bookings?

Henley Festival has a charitable trust and for this reason, we do not offer discounts.

I've sent on my guests tickets and they have not received them. Can you replace them?

Once you have taken possession of your Henley Festival tickets, they become your responsibility. We cannot replace your lost or stolen tickets.

Can I collect my tickets in advance/on the night?

This year we have moved to e-tickets and these will be emailed out in June 2022 onwards.

Can I leave tickets for my guests at the Site Box Office on the night?

As we are now operating with e-tickets the option to leave at the site box office is no longer available. Please ensure your whole party has their individual e-ticket on their person.

If I make more than one booking, can you send all my tickets together?

All of our tickets are now e-tickets and these will be emailed out in June 2022 onwards.

Do you provide Corporate Engagement Packages?

Corporate Engagement packages can be purchased (subject to availability), for more information please email penny@henley-festival.co.uk.

Other Details?

All 2022 events are subject to licence