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Henley Festival
11-15thJuly 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for some Frequently Asked Questions about Henley Festival. Can't find the answer to your question? Send us an Email, Tweet or Facebook message and we will get back to you and update this page if required.


What is the dress code for the festival?

The Henley Festival has a dress code of Black Tie. We encourage our guests to get dressed to the nines – think dinner jackets and bow ties for men, long or short evening wear for ladies, sequins and sparkle! Casual attire is not permitted and you will be refused entry to the event. The dress code does not apply to the daytime Family Sunday event.

Is there a lower age limit for the festival?

Yes - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is 14 years, Saturday and Sunday is 12 years. Those under 18 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. There is no age limit for Sunday but persons under 16 must be accompanied by at least 1 person over the age of 16.

What time do the Henley Festival gates open / close?

Each evening the gates to the Henley Festival enclosure open at 6 p.m.

Wednesday 11th July gates close at 12 am.
Thursday 12th July gates close at 12 am.
Friday 13th July gates close at 1 am.
Saturday 14th July gates close at 2 am.
Sunday 15th July gates close at 11.30 pm.

Family Sunday opening times are as follows;

10.30am - 2pm

What time is the latest I can arrive at the festival on the night?

Providing you have a ticket, you can arrive at any time between our opening and closing times.

What happens if it rains on the night?

The show (and the festival) goes on! There are many covered areas within the enclosure, if you are on the Lawn or have a General Admission ticket, make sure you bring some protective outerwear for the Main Stage concert, in exceptional weather, Wellington boots (the more colourful the better!) are welcome.

What can we bring into the festival site?

You are not permitted to bring food and drink inside the festival enclosure, there will be an array of options for drinking and dining at the festival. Picnics are welcome in the car park, please see parking for further details. Rugs and seating may not be brought into the festival enclosure.

Can I get a replacement wristband if I lose it on the night?

Wristbands are issued on the night, upon presentation of your ticket, as you enter the enclosure. You must not remove them for the duration of the evening. Any wristbands that have been tampered with or taken off become invalid and you will be asked to leave the event.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, there is a Cloakroom, you will be able to leave coats, shoes and bags - there will be a charge per item.

Are there cashpoints available at the Henley Festival?

There are no cashpoints available on site – there are many in the nearby town centre.

What time are the fireworks?

The fireworks display begins after the Headline Artist performance has finished, at approximately 10.45pm Wednesday to Saturday, and at 10.30pm on Sunday.

Can I smoke at the Festival?

For reasons of proximity and for the comfort of other festival goers, you may not smoke within any of our restaurants or covered venues as well as the Grandstand or Lawn auditorium. Smokers are permitted to smoke in all other uncovered areas of the festival enclosure.


What exactly is a General Admission, Grandstand and Lawn ticket?

Good question! We offer various ticket options for you to experience Henley Festival:

Grandstand - (A,B and C) see everything at the festival and enjoy the Floating Stage concert from an allocated, undercover seat in the Grandstand. These tickets are priced according to the view (in varying degrees) of the Floating Stage.

Lawn - (Premier, A, B, C and Restricted View) see everything at the festival and view the Floating Stage concert, under the stars in an allocated seat on the grassed Lawn area. These tickets are priced according to the view (in varying degrees) of the Floating Stage.

General Admission - a perfect way to enjoy the events, performances, restaurants and bars around the site – a great ticket if you want to wander around. Please be aware that this is not a ticket suitable for viewing the Headline Floating Stage concert and will not give access to the Lawn and Grandstand seats. General Admission ticket holders will be able to hear the concert and may be able to see the stage from a distance, but this is not guaranteed. General Admission ticket holders will be able to access the Grandstand and Lawn areas for the duration of the early evening BBC Introducing Floating Stage Sessions.

What are the ticket prices?

Click here for 2018 ticket prices.

Can I get a replacement ticket if I’ve lost it or forgotten to bring it to the event?

It is important that you keep your ticket safe and remember to bring it to the event with you. Tickets will not be replaced under any circumstances.

What can I do with a spare ticket on the night?

The Box Office is unable to help customers with the re-sale of any spare tickets, please make sure you buy only the tickets you need.

Where is the Henley Festival Site Box Office and what time does it open / close?

The Henley Festival Site Box Office is open 11th – 15th July 2018 for ticket purchases and collections and is situated to the left of the main entrance. We open at 9.30 am and close at 9 pm.

I want to book a ticket next to friends for the concert but don’t know where they’re sitting, can the Box Office tell me?

Due to data protection laws we will not be able to give out any information relating to a customer and/or their order.

Can I buy tickets on the night?

You can purchase tickets from our Site Box Office between 9.30 am and 9 pm subject to availability.

Which payment cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Visa Debit cards. Please note that we do not accept American Express.

Can I buy tickets with cash/cheque?

You can purchase your tickets in person using cash, we do not accept cheques.

Do I have to pay for postage or can I collect in person?

We make a charge of £3.00 for signed for delivery – this is per order and not per ticket. If you wish to collect your tickets in person then you are welcome to collect them from our desk at the River and Rowing Museum, but please make this choice when booking. Once you have opted to have your tickets posted you will not be able to change your preference to collection. During the dates of the festival you may collect your tickets from the on-site box office. Collection dates and further details will be available on your booking confirmation email.

Can I swap/upgrade/sell back/sell on my tickets?

As per our Terms and Conditions, tickets are non-returnable, transferable or re-fundable.

Can I go on a waiting list for tickets?

To be fair to everybody, we do not hold a waiting list. Occasionally, when an evening is sold out a few tickets become available nearer the time. Please keep an eye on the Henley Festival website for any late availability.

Can I get a discount for group bookings?

The Henley Festival has a charitable trust and for this reason, we do not offer discounts.

I've sent on my guest’s tickets and they have not received them. Can you replace them?

Once you have taken possession of your Henley Festival tickets, they become your responsibility. We cannot replace your lost or stolen tickets.

Can you send my tickets on to a different address?

Tickets can only be sent to the address stated at the time of booking.

Can I collect my tickets in advance/on the night?

If you have chosen to collect your tickets, you will be able to do so from our desk at the River and Rowing Museum (please check collection dates). Once we transfer to the Henley Festival site(starting 11th July), tickets will only be available to collect from the On-Site Box Office. Full details will be given on your booking confirmation email.

Can I leave tickets for my guests at the Site Box Office on the night?

You can leave tickets with us at the Site Box Office, please let your guests know that we may ask for ID and be aware that we take no responsibility for the tickets once handed over or for any that have not been collected.

Can I collect tickets on behalf of other guests from Henley Festival Office or Site?

You may collect tickets for other people but you will need to bring written permission from the ticket purchaser, along with a copy of the confirmation email. You may be asked for ID.

If I make more than one booking, can you send all my tickets together?

If you make separate bookings and choose to have them posted, they will be sent to you at different times. If you have elected to have your tickets posted, each booking will incur a postage charge.

Do I have to keep my ticket with me when inside the festival?

You will need to keep your ticket with you throughout the night, particularly for the Floating Stage concert as Lawn and Grandstand ticket holders will need their seat and row number. You may be asked by security to show your ticket at any point during the evening.

Do you provide Hospitality Packages?

Hospitality packages can be bought (subject to availability), please email


What time does the Floating Stage concert start?

Wednesday: 8:45 pm.
Thursday: 8.45 pm.
Friday: 8:45 pm.
Saturday: 8:45 pm.
Sunday: 8:30 pm.

What happens if we’re late for the start of the Floating Stage concert?

Once the concert starts, if you have a Lawn or Grandstand ticket, you may be asked to wait until a suitable moment during the performance to take your seat.

Can I see the concert with a General Admission ticket?

Depending on where you stand you may well see the stage, although we cannot guarantee this. Entry to the Lawn and Grandstand areas for the Floating Stage concert is not permitted with a General Admission ticket.

I want to go down to the Lawn from the Grandstand, if the weather is good. Can I?

The Lawn is an area with allocated seating and you will not be able to move from the Grandstand to the Lawn. Please make sure you choose the correct ticket for your requirements.

Can I bring a camera / recording equipment?

The unauthorised use of camera, audio and video equipment is not permitted during the Floating Stage concert.


How can I make a restaurant reservation?

Reservations can be made when booking tickets, online, in person or by telephone - please note that we request payment for restaurants at the time of booking.

What time do we have to eat if we’ve booked a table in one of the restaurants?

Once you have made a restaurant booking, Pure Henley Catering will contact you by email with information regarding your evening.

What time do the restaurants open?

All restaurants and concessions will be serving from 6.p.m every evening.

Can I choose where I sit in the restaurant?

If you have pre-booked a space in one of our restaurants, your table will be allocated by the caterers.

Can I join a friends table but book separately?

Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive an email from Pure Henley Catering with a link to your booking, from there you will be able to manage your reservation.

Can I just book the restaurant or do I need a ticket for the festival too?

To reserve a table in one of our pre-bookable restaurants, each person will need a valid festival ticket for that evening.


We have a variety of Accessibility Tickets available for Henley Festival. For advice and bookings please contact the Box Office on 01491 843404 or email Lucy Taylor on

Are Assistance Dogs permitted at the festival?

Assitance Dogs are permitted, however please be aware that we hold a large firework display each evening. Please call the box office on 01491 843404 or email Lucy Taylor on for further help and information.

Do you have Disabled Access?

Wheelchair and motorised scooters are welcome at the festival. Assistance dogs are allowed, please be aware that we have a large fireworks display each evening and that the festival is a very busy environment. Please call the Box Office on 01491 843404 for more information.

Can I hire a wheelchair on the night?

We are unable to offer wheelchairs for hire. you are welcome to bring a wheelchair to the festival. Please make sure you have booked the correct type of wheelchair friendly ticket if you wish to see the Floating Stage concert.

Do I need a Blue Badge for Disabled Access Parking?

You will need a to display a Blue Badge for disabled access parking.

Do you have reserved seating for Elderly/Infirm guests?

We only provide Accessibility seating for festival goers who are registered disabled.

Do you provide seats for Personal Assistants?

We want our Accessibility guest to be able to enjoy the festival fully. If help is needed to enable this to happen, you are welcome to bring a Companion/Personal Assistant. We have a limited number of free tickets available to those who qualify. Please contact the Box Office on 01491 843 404 for further assistance.


How do I buy a car parking pass?

For 2018 car park passes for Car Park A £20 (5 mins walk approx) and Car Park B £15 (10 mins walk approx) can be purchased in advance at the with your tickets.
During the festival dates 11th-15th July 2018 the only passes available to buy will be Car park B at the 'On The Night' price of £25 and must be purchased with cash at the gate upon arrival. The Box Office will not have any car park passes available for sale between 11th-15th July 208.
There is no charge for parking on Family Sunday.

When do the Car Parks open?

Each evening the car parks will open from 4pm.
On Family Sunday the car park will open at 10am and all cars must be removed by 2.30pm.

Can I choose where I park?

If you have booked in advance you will be directed to either Car Park A or Car Park B as requested. Once there you will be directed to the next available car parking space. Festival guests who purchase a Car Park Pass on the night will be directed to the next available area (subject to availability).

What can we bring to the Car Park site e.g. gazebo/table and chairs/tent/food and drink?

You are welcome to enjoy a pre-concert picnic in the car park and you are able to bring outdoor furniture if required – gazebos, tables and chairs must be dismantled and removed the same evening. Henley Festival take no responsibility for any items left in the car park. Please note that if you are using space next to your car, you will be required to purchase an additional car parking space. Additional Car Park A passes are not available to purchase on the night and MUST be booked in advance. You will only be able to pay for additional Car Park B passes on the night at the 'On The Night' price of £25 cash only (subject to availability).

What type of vehicle can we bring?

Festival standard sized car parking spaces are approx. 2.5 x 5.5 metres, please be prepared to pay for extra spaces in relation to the size of your vehicle and area required for picnics. On the night you will be directed to a suitable position.

Can we leave our vehicle overnight, if so, until what time the following day?

You can leave your vehicle in the car park overnight (at your own risk) until midday the following day, Sunday included. Henley Festival cannot take any responsibility for vehicles left in the car park.

Can we sleep in our vehicle in the car park overnight?

We do not allow overnight stays in the car park.


Can I bring a boat?

Limited moorings within the Festival enclosure are available to purchase- all subject to availability- and must be booked at the same time as tickets. All guests must be in possession of a valid festival ticket and abide by the dress code. Mooring positions are allocated by Henley Festival and cannot be chosen by the customer. Available moorings must be purchased at the same time as tickets, you will then be contacted by Henley Festival separately and asked to complete and return a mooring form.

Can we be dropped off and collected by boat?

Please contact Hobbs of Henley for further advice – 01491 572 035

If I use a crew, do they need a special pass or tickets?

If you have crew, they will need to be in possession of a Henley Festival Crew Pass. Please contact the Box Office on 01491 843404

What are the mooring departure/arrival times?

Boats with pre-booked moorings may arrive from 2 p.m. on the day of their booking and must leave by midday the following day.

When can we get access to the festival enclosure?

Access to the enclosure will only be permitted from 6 p.m onward.

Can I get into the festival from the river bank?

You can get into the festival from the riverbank providing you have a valid ticket and a wristband which can collected from one of our wristband exchange points on the towpath.

Can I go to and from my boat throughout the event?

Yes, you can access your boat throughout the evening – you must retain both ticket and wristband to re-gain access to the festival.


What is the address for the Festival?

Henley Bridge

Can you recommend overnight accommodation?

Please contact Henley Tourist Office for advice – 01491 578034.

Can you camp at the festival?

No - there are no camping facilites at the festival.

Can you recommend Taxi Services?

Please contact Henley Tourist Office for advice – 01491 578034.

How far is Henley Train Station from the festival entrance?

We are situated just over Henley Bridge and the walk should take no longer than 10 minutes.

How far is the Henley Festival from Henley Town Centre?

Henley Town Centre is approximately a 10 minute walk away.


What is Family Sunday?

Family Sunday is a family friendly, music, comedy, visual and performance art (ticketed) event for the younger audience. Please note that Family Sunday is separately ticketed event and entry to the evening is not included.

What time does it open and close?

We open at 10:30 am and close at 2.00 pm. Please arrive as early as you can to make the most of the performances.

Is there a performance on the Floating Stage?

Yes, view the family day programme here

Do you have discounted tickets?

We offer Senior Citizens a reduced price ticket, and a family ticket for up to five people, one of whom must be under sixteen years of age. Under 3's go free. Please choose your tickets carefully, the Family Ticket is very good value and can be used by up to 4 full paying adults.

Will food and drink be available at Family Sunday?

Food and drink will be available to purchase within the enclosure. You cannot bring food and drink into the enclosure, although you may provide refreshments for under 3's and those with special dietary requirements. Picnics can be enjoyed in the car park.

Do I need to pay for parking?

Free Parking is available on Family Sunday.

When does the car park open/close?

On Family Sunday the car park opens at 10am and closes promptly at 2.30pm.

Is there a dress code for Family Sunday?

No, unlike Henley Festival, there is no dress code - come as you are!

Can I bring my dog to Family Sunday?

Sorry, dogs are not permitted inside the enclosure. Registered Assistance dogs are welcome to accompany Accessibility visitors.