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Henley Festival
11-15thJuly 2018

Our Charity

In 2017 Henley Festival and The Children’s Society continue to work in partnership to bring the inspiration of the arts and vital support to many of the hundreds of thousands of children who care for their parents and family members.

Last year, the festival saw 100 young carers and their families, who often feel isolated, take a break from their daily duties to come and enjoy our Family Day. The 'Hidden' photographic exhibition at the Festival exposed the unseen and often forgotten lives of children who selflessly dedicate their time to ensuring their family are cared for. We were delighted to welcome and offer work experience to young carers who were able to bring to life a handful of these powerful stories that lie behind 166,000 of Britain's closed doors.

2017 also see Henley Festival working with Nomad following a successful pilot programme in 2016. This will enable more primary school students to learn to play the ukulele. During this academic year two small groups of young people will directly benefit from this initiative. The lessons are taught by a qualified tutor and assisted by Nomad workers and are an extremely fun way to engage students in and learn a musical instrument.

At the end of the programme students will be gifted their ukulele as a way to encourage them to continue practicing. The lessons also aim to increase student self-confidence and communication skills.

We would like to thank the generosity of our Patrons, Friends, Sponsors and our audience for their kind donations which help further our work.